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Wren has now managed to disgruntle two Braves’ Legends

It all seems so clear now.

Back in January, Wren was killed in the Atlanta papers and blogs for offering Braves legend John Smoltz a one year contract loaded completely with incentives. So, he locks up another Braves’ legend Tom Glavine up for the 2009 season.

It now seems so obvious that Wren never intended to have Glavine play for the team. He signed him purely to avoid backlash for letting another legend go.

All this time, Wren knew that Tommy Hanson would be ready by midseason, so why would he say to the world that Tom Glavine would be his fifth starter. He also knew that Tim Hudson would be ready by the All-Star break. Add this up for me: Lowe, Jurrjens, Vazquez, Kawakami, Glavine, Hanson, Hudson. I think that’s eight.

Frank Wren has made it clear that he wants out with the old and in with the new. He doesn’t want Glavine, and never did.

Plainly, I believe Frank Wren lied to you, to me and to Tom Glavine.

All the rehab work Glavine has done since having surgery last year was because he was told he would be the fifth starter, then just when he is ready to make his season debut, he is told he is released.

Not to mention, he allowed no runs in 11 innings, in his three rehab starts.

And Frank Wren is quoted in the AJC saying, “It was our evaluation that he [Glavine] would not be successful in the big leagues.”

Again, he allowed ZERO runs in his rehab start.

So he has managed to disgruntle both John Smoltz and Tom Glavine, I can not wait to see how he manages to disgruntle Greg Maddux too.